Southern Baptist School
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Reaching The World For Jesus!!

General Information:

Providing quality distance education programs leading to credible degree recognition at Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctor levels. In order to access the General Catalog you must have the Adobe Reader on your computer to be able to download the Catalog.

Institutional Mission Statement:

The MISSION of the Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies is to provide high quality Christian education services to those who serve Christ in and through Baptist churches. The degree programs of this school are designed solely for Baptist church vocations.

Institutional Purpose Statement:

The PURPOSE of the Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies is to provide post-secondary educational services for ministers, focusing on the development and / or demonstration of cognitive, affective and conative skills required for effective service in various types of Baptist church vocations.

Institutional Education-Spiritual Goals:

The following institutional educational-spirituals goals have been identified because they refer to the work the learner does, and will continue doing, throughout his ministry. These goals serve as the school's standard for equipping persons in Baptist church vocations, thereby fulfilling, the mission and purpose of the school. Not every student is expected to achieve all the educational-spiritual goals; rather students achieve that portion commensurate with and considered by the school to be appropriate to the degree level and program in which they are enrolled.

Learners demonstrate basic, average, above average or expert knowledge relative to course content, the use of study methodology and skill in applying, utilizing and communicating what is learned in the real world of the church as associate, bachelor, master and doctoral levels respectively.